"Pathway, Transitions and Bridges to Tertiary Education"

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A trend across international boundaries seems to have a focus on providing pathways for learners through their secondary schooling, postsecondary education and training and on into employment. This has required educators to think through the issues related to the nature of the pathways that allow this to happen, the nature of programmes that equip students and others to make successful transitions between school, postsecondary education / training and employment. Over time educators from different sectors and employers have needed to explore how best to work together to effect seamless and successful pathways that allow students to have the benefits of a successful outcome both in terms of education and training and of employment.

This conference again pulls together a wide range of people who contribute to that process – teachers, tertiary teachers and employers - to share practical responses to the issues, to be challenged by those who rely on the work of educational institutions and organisations to maintain a well-prepared flow of talented and work-ready young people into the wider world of work.