"Pathway, Transitions and Bridges to Tertiary Education"

The Centre for Studies in Multiple Pathways Commitment

The Centre for Studies in Multiple Pathways promotes student success through innovative pathways from secondary to tertiary education and training.

To achieve this the Centre will:

  • act as a broker for relevant research and dissemination of information on developments locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • interpret the considerable body of international research in this field and articulate it in forms that aid the development of practical pathways
  • promote the development of a community of scholars engaged in issues related to Multiple Pathways
  • serve the wider community as a resource hub for this increasingly important element of the New Zealand education system.

The Centre for Studies in Multiple Pathways has:

  • a national and international comparative focus
  • a focus on transition and interface policy issues unique to New Zealand and its education sectors
  • a focus on the specific strategic issues important to Manukau Institute of Technology
  • an orientation towards practical development and implementation of innovative responses to needs and policies related to disengagement from education and activity which creates alternative pathways from secondary to postsecondary education.

The Initial emphasis is on:

  • disengagement as an educational issue in New Zealand
  • policy responses, analysis and development related to disengagement
  • proposals, policies and programmes for alternative pathways between secondary and postsecondary (such as, but not confined to, the School of Secondary-Tertiary Studies, Trades Academies, Youth Guarantee and Trades in Schools).