"Pathway, Transitions and Bridges to Tertiary Education"

About Us

Welcome from the Centre Director

In New Zealand, 20 percent of our 16 year olds and many more 17-24 year olds are not in education, employment or training. It is imperative that educators and policy-makers examine innovative pathways to increase student engagement, retention in education, and ultimately improve their preparation for a rapidly changing workplace.

The Centre for Studies in Multiple Pathways (CSMP) aims to create a resource hub that will provide stakeholders with general information, research findings and developments on Multiple Pathways. In addition, the Centre will provide networking opportunities where knowledge and expertise can be freely exchanged through events such as seminars, conferences and international symposiums.

“Multiple Pathways”, put simply, means the creation of individual and flexible learning pathways for students. Research clearly indicates that the Multiple Pathways model achieves better learning outcomes and opportunities for students. Here, at Manukau Institute of Technology, the establishment of New Zealand’s first blended secondary-postsecondary School of Secondary-Tertiary Studies is one such example.

There is no room for complacency. Re-engaging students and providing a relevant programme of interest to them, which aligns with employers’ needs and the rapidly changing knowledge-based global economy, is paramount. This Centre seeks to contribute toward the sharing of knowledge and expertise between educators and to work alongside others to achieve the ultimate goal of keeping more students better engaged in education, and in doing so, provide them with a more positive and productive future.

“Multiple Pathways” blur the lines between secondary and post-secondary education, training and the workplace. Learning is often thematic and project-based combined with workplace experience. Individual and flexible learning pathways are created for each student in an area of interest to them.

As the Centre for Studies in Multiple Pathways (CSMP) grows, we encourage you to utilise the resources on our website or contact us for further details on activities.

Stuart Middleton